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Your presence here shows you are ready to become your own boss and achieve financial independence. Your visit to our site signifies you are ready to implement that project you have thought over and over in your head. Be it a poultry project, restaurant, catering, events management, a car wash, or a clothing shop – this site links you with all the resources and information you need to formalise your business structure, register your company, prepare your business plan, and keep your tax payments up-to-date. Feel free to browse through the articles, leave comments, or request additional clarification through the contact form.


Business Plans

As its core services offering, the organization assists individuals to communicate their business idea in a structured manner ...


Company Registration

The greater part of the business plans that have been prepared by the organization have been for start up companies and hence ...



Initially, the organization started off by simply registering new company’s with the tax body but this has since changed ...


Shelf Companies

Do you need a company urgently? We also sell Shelf Companies which are registered companies that have not been ...


Secretary Services

If you read the blog post titled ‘What Taxes Do I Need To Pay For My Company in Zimbabwe?’ ...


Bookkeeper Services

Sooner or later, you may need a loan to develop your business. The business plan you submit with your loan ...


Corporate Branding

The Business Planner has partnered with The Design Clinic and Byers Design, both Zimbabwean graphic design ...


Website Development

The Business Planner has partnered with Byers Design for Zimbabwe Website Design and development ...

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