About us


We are here to help you with your start up and small business needs, be it company registrations, business planning or keeping your books in check. All of these services are highly beneficial to the success of your organization, enabling you to apply for financing, public tenders, and contracts with organizations bound by corporate governance principles. The latter will not deduct 10 - 15% from your invoices and, when the taxman comes knocking, you can offer him tea and biscuits with full confidence that you are in the clear.

Predominately, we prepare business plans for small and start up companies and pride ourselves in being the best in the market. Why? Because we take pleasure in doing your work. We look forward to each assignment as it gives us an opportunity to research more into the varying sectors of market and industry, developing our knowledge of Zimbabwe's vast resources and business opportunities.

Through experience, business plan preparation has become a pleasurable occupation and hence, you can be rest assured your work has our full attention and is completed to the best of our ability. All work is guided by the following principles:

  • Exclusive: All work is exclusive, treated uniquely, and custom developed. NO COPYING AND PASTING!!!
  • Thorough: Thorough research is conducted on each project based on its industry, locale, and target market
  • Accurate: The research will contribute to accuracy, making your document more reliable, solid, and founded
  • Basic: Information is presented in a structured manner that increases reading ease while capturing and holding on to the reader's attention.
  • Presentable: Basic design, tidyness, and uniform fonts also contribute to the Visual appeal of the documents

So get it right the first time. Present your proposition with confidence and the backing of a top quality document. Come in for a consultation and tell all you can about your business, and we will do the rest. As we said in the opening remarks, "We are here to help you."

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