Sooner or later, you may need a loan to develop your business. The business plan you submit with your loan application should include financial records for as long back as three years where possible. Investors smile upon organizations that have some sort of financial recording system in place and this improves your chances of securing the loan. Yes your business has been trading; but can you back that up with accurate figures?

Furthermore, when making tax payments on Quarterly Payment Dates, you are required to submit basic schedules illustrating the quarter's financial performance. These should then add up to a full twelve month period for your end of year accounts. Clearly, if numbers are not your best friend, there are plenty long nights ahead of you.


If you are thinking of employing a bookkeeper, allow us to offer a cheaper alternative. A good bookkeeper will cost you an additional $500 or more on your wage bill, while for $100.00 per month, we will prepare all your monthly management and yearly financial accounts at no additional cost. Through The Bookkeeper Relief Service, we will ensure that your books are always up to date.


All you need do on your end is to keep basic records of all transactions entered into by your organization; note all reciepts and expenditures, and keep an updated asset register. At the end of each month, make these available to us and we will prepare your monthly accounts for you, which means by the twelfth month, your annual financial statements will be ready for submission. By law, you are also required to keep copies of receipts and invoices for the past six years and we ensure these are safely tucked away for future reference when the Zimra man comes knocking


Secretary Relief Services

For a $100, you can also get the Secretary Relief package. This service ensures that your account with Zimra is ALWAYS up to date, failure of which will result in the annulment of your tax clearance certificate. Your company documents are also updated regularly by lodging annual returns on your behalf when they fall due. Click here to read more about the Secretary Relief Services or pay $150.00 each month and get both the Secretary and Bookkeeper Relief Services.

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