If you read the blog post titled ‘What Taxes Do I Need To Pay For My Company in Zimbabwe?’, then you will know that there are number of important dates you need to bear in mind throughout the course of your business’ lifespan. These include PAYE payments, Quarterly Payment Dates, Tax Clearance Renewals, VAT Payments, and Submission of Annual Returns. Below is a basic calendar based on this year’s requirements, just to point out the days you need to keep marked on your calendar.


  • PAYE PAYMENTS Every 15th day of the month
  • VAT PAYMENTS Every 20th day of the month
  • Quarterly Payment Dates 10% of Income Tax on the 25th of March

    25% of Income tax on the 25th of June

    30% of Income tax on the 25th of September

    35% of Income Tax on the 25th of December
  • TAX CLEARANCE RENEWALS 1st QPD (25th January) 3rd QPD (25th June)
  • ANNUAL RETURNS 18 months from effective date of registration for first annual return 15 months after last annual return lodged


Evidently, there are a number of important dates that should be kept in mind. Keeping your company up to date is highly essential as this qualifies your organization for formal and informal tenders as well as contracts from organizations bound by corporate governance principles.


From $100.00 per month, let us bear the burden of keeping these dates in mind, preparing the necessary schedules, and filling out the requisite forms. Let us remind you to make the necessary transfer into Zimra's account and forward the deposit slip on your behalf. Let us stand in the long winding queus at the Zimra offices while you maintain a hands on management and focus on your business' day to day operations.

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