The Business Planner offers a number of services related to start up and small businesses. These include the following:




We can help you register a fresh company with your desired name and business objectives, subject to approval from the Registrar of Companies. All companies registered have 52 different clauses defining your business’ trading objectives, each being a grouping of related trades and services. This allows your company to diversify into many related and unrelated fields of business within the country’s legal framework. The full process takes 6 to 8 working days, during which period you can rest assured that your company registration is in reliable, experienced hands and dedicate your time and energies towards other activities in setting up your business.




We also have shelf companies available. These are pre-registered companies that are ready for trading, pending changes to the directors. Some of the names available include (click here for full list):

  • All-Odds Trading (Private) Limited
  • All-Odds Trading (Private) Limited
  • Arid Processors (Private) Limited
  • Bumper Traders (Private) Limited
  • Extendible Construction (Private) Limited
  • Guardplan (Private) Limited
  • Natgrow (Private) Limited
  • New Found Land (Private) Limited
  • Pursuit Employment Agencies (Private) Limited
  • Shortspan Investments (Private) Limited
  • See More…




The Business Planner also provides a number of secretarial services to all clients, including the following:

  • Company registrations
  • Shelf Companies
  • Submission of annual returns
  • Updating and making changes to your company documents
  • Dealing with the Registrar’s office on your behalf
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