Budget Marketing Services


The heights by great men reached where not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward through the night.- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Marketing is a highly important part of your business. However, it can be a bit time consuming if you work on a busy schedule. You may not have the time to update your website (speaking from experience here), post your regular ads on dipleague, visit the Newspapers to flight an advertisement, or get those fliers distributed. You may find that at the begining of each month, you are willing to pay for certain marketing expenditures but never get the time to execute the relevant transactions. And while you are offline, your competitors are toiling upward through the night, stealing a market share you could have had.


So imagine you could allocate a mothly budget for your marketing needs and let someone take care of it. Imagine you could buy a marketing package that is more likely to reach your target audiences right off the shelf so to speak. Well then, allow us to introduce the Budget Market Services!


We will execute all your marketing requirements, be it online or offline advertising, based on a budget set by you! Your budget and your target market's profile would then determine which of the following advertising media will be employed.


  • Classifieds Advertisements
  • Press Advertisements (Color or Black and White graphics)
  • Flier design, printing, and distribution
  • Tear Drop/Dangling/Stand Alone Banners and posters
  • Island/Lamppost/Roadside Banner
  • Billboard
  • Online Marketing (website development and management, banner advertisements on Zimbabwe and international websites, Search Engine Optimization, listing on all local and relevant international directories)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook Page development, Facebook advertising, as well as marketing on Twitter, Flickr, LinkedN, and others)
  • Radio and Television advertising campaigns


So whatever you are prepared to pay for marketing, we will make it easier for you to ensure a sustainable brand presence in the market and act as your company's personal marketing department. Come in for a short consultation today and we will show you which of the above qualify in your budget. We will also help you develop marketing strategies that are cost effective and reach your desired target audience.

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