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Latest statistics show that there are well over 2 million interenet users in the country. However, these statistics do not account for a home internet connection shared by a family of six; a corporate internet connection shared by hundreds of employees; and internet cafe connections used by thousands each day. In a seperate report published by Opera, the leading mobile web browser software manufacture showed that Zimbabwe was consistently ranked in key growth categories with regards usage of mobile broadband. This included the growth in the following sectors:


  • Zimbabwe recorded a 4,964.8% increase in page view growth and was ranked as the fastest growing market
  • Zimbabwe recorded the highest growth rate in unique visitors and new users (4,483.3%), as well as amount of data transferred (3,449.7%).
  • Zmbabwe had the highest number of page views per user (713) on the African continent


These statistics show that the online audience is great and ever growing and if your company has not yet established an online presence, now is the best time to start doing so! After all, you are reading this information off our website so think of how your's would address your market needs and decide thereafter if it would not be a convenient way of generating new business.


In partnership with Byers Design, we can help you design, develop, manage, and drive traffic to your website. website design and development services. We will not only build your website, but also make sure that it is highly visible to this growing number of internet users in the country. The full service range is listed below:

  • Website Design and Development Services.
  • Domain Registration (.co.zw | .com | .co.uk | .org etc…)
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns (Google Adwords)
  • Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Flikr, Vimeo etc...)

Call us today and catch the online wave before your competitors do. Keep with the times and tap into the global online market now!


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